Agility Class




Fun agility is for all dogs, large, small, old or young. Agility is a fantastic way to improve your dogs confidence, channel some instinctive behaviours, burn off energy, and most of all enhance the communication and relationship you have with your dog.

Run by our professional agility instructor, these classes are tailored to each dogs ability and designed to bring out the best of your companion. If you are looking for a recreational activity for you and your dog to enjoy together then come and give it a go.

All classes run on 4 week blocks, with the opportunity to progress from our beginners class to our agility club.
After completion of our beginners course you can continue training further by exploring more advanced techniques and equipment. Becoming a club member will allow you to attend as many classes as you like to progress your dogs skills.

Suitable for dogs over 12 months with no pre-existing medical conditions that may be aggravated by performing agility.

Classes are held at Doune Ponds on Sunday afternoons.

Please remember, you can only join agility club after having done a block of beginner lessons !
*If you would like to request a payment plan please contact us*


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