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Our experienced trainers and behaviourists understand many puppies need extra care and patience when it comes to their learning. Tailored to your puppy’s individual needs, these 1-2-1 sessions allow the time and support required for your pup to learn and grow into a confident and happy dog.

What we can help you with:

  • Mouthing & Biting                                                  -Nutrition, exercise and healthcare advice
  • Housetraining                                                         -Teaching your pup to be happy home alone
  • Appropriate Play                                                    -Socialisation/positive interactions
  • Good Manners, paws on the floor                      -Kids and dogs, setting up for success
  • Leave It’s/Trading Items                                       -Loose Lead Walking
  • Crate Training                                                        -Recall Training

-Behaviour struggles such as separation related behaviours and anxiousness
-How to read and communicate with a pup with behaviour struggles

What you can expect:

  • Discussion of your pups specific training needs
  • Run through of an easy to follow training program
  • 1 hour practical session with our trainer and behaviourist. This may be split up to allow your pup as many breaks as they need
  • Online support with the trainers via messages/email

Puppy 1-2-1’s are suitable for all puppies under the age of 6 months, if you have a puppy over 6 months please check out our other support packages.

*If you would like to request a payment plan please contact us*

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