Recall Class




Does your dog have selective hearing? As soon as your dog is off lead do they run for the hills or fly past you? If you answered yes to the above then this is the course for you!

What you can expect:

  • Practice your recall skills in a safe but realistic environment
  • Discover what truly motivates your dog to come back to you
  • Reinforce your dogs recall by making it fun and exciting behaviour
  • Learn how to recall your dog amongst big distractions
  • Build up a strong and reliable relationship with your dog so you have the confidence they will always come back!

Each course runs over 4 weeks with 12 skills for you and your dog to accomplish!

We allow a max of 7 dogs per class so you can get all the individual coaching you need whilst still gaining the experience of working in a group setting.

These progressive classes are tailored according to each dogs individual ability. Lessons are 1hour long with breaks between exercises to assure your dog stays happy and relaxed during the session.

Whether you want to get started with your pups training or are looking to refresh your adult dogs skills, this class is suitable for dogs at all stages of their lives, 4months + (Please look at our puppy class for pups younger that 4months).

Classes are held at Doune Ponds on Sunday afternoons.

*If you would like to request a payment plan please contact us*

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