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Behaviour adjustment training is a way for dogs to to gain social skills and confidence around other living things. B.A.T is especially useful for those dogs who have a frustrative or fearful reaction to other dogs or people i.e. will lunge, bark, growl and/or bite in their presence.

B.A.T sessions aim to change your dogs emotional response around living “triggers” and encourages them to make the right choices through freedom of choice. Dogs that usually overreact have the opportunity to slow down and learn from experiences that contradict their negative expectations.

What you should know:

  • Set Ups, all B.A.T sessions will be taught with a calm “stooge” dog in a quiet environment
  • B.A.T arranges safe scenarios where dogs can interact¬†socially acceptable ways
  • Your dog will feel a sense of control over their safety without a significant amount of help

What to expect:

  • Four individual B.A.T sessions with one of our behaviourists in an appropriate location
  • Learn how to read your dogs body language so you can take action in a safe and secure way
  • Help find appropriate coping strategies for your dog to stay relaxed during and after sessions
  • Online support via message/email

Lydia and Clare are fully qualified Companion Animal Behaviourists and follow a strict code of conduct. Your pets welfare is extremely important to us, therefore we ask that you keep an open communication and follow any instructions when necessary.

This training is suitable for dogs 6months+ that have previously worked through our behaviour consultation or reactivity package with one of our behaviourists.

*If you would like to request a payment plan please contact us*

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