Puppy Class




Do you have a new puppy and wonder how to get them off to a great start?
Our puppy classes are a calm and fun way of learning how to begin social interactions and training with your pup.

These 4 week face to face sessions allow you to chat and train with our qualified behaviourists about all things puppy.

We can give support and advice on:

  • House training
  • Nutrition and health
  • Keeping your puppy happy when left home alone
  • Mouthing/Biting and Teething
  • Breed Specific Behaviours
  • Preventing resource guarding
  • Toys and Equipment
  • Puppies around children
  • Multidog households
  • Enriching your puppies life

What We Will Cover:

Week 1- Appropriate socialisation with other dogs and people, reading your puppies body language
Week 2- Setting your puppy up for success in the home. Teaching your pup drop cues, good manners, bed training, and calmness
Week 3-
Kickstart your training for outdoors. Teaching your pup recall, Loose Lead Walking, and focus exercises
Week 4- “Walk with us” Teaching your puppy life skills in a realistic setting as we explore around the park

Sessions are 45mins long with breaks if necessary between exercises to assure your pup stays happy and relaxed.

Puppy classes are suitable for puppies under 6months that are fully vaccinated.

After your 4 weeks you are welcome to progress your training even further in our adult dog training classes and/or mini courses.

Classes are held at Doune Ponds on Sunday Mornings.

Book now and you will be registered for class at your earliest convenience.

*If you would like to request a payment plan please contact us*

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