Core Skills Training Class

Our experienced and qualified trainers offer fun and effective classes teaching all the valuable skills you need for your dog to become a brilliant companion.

Life Skills Training Class

A comprehensive class to progress your dog’s training abilities following on from our Core Skills class.

1-2-1 Training Session

Tailored to your dog’s individual needs, these 1-2-1 sessions allow the time and support required for your dog to develop and learn at their own pace.

Recall Class

Does your dog have selective hearing? As soon as your dog is off lead do they run for the hills or fly past you? If you answered yes to the above then this is the course for you!

Agility Class

Are looking for a recreational activity for you and your dog to enjoy? Run by our professional agility instructor, these classes are tailored to each dog’s ability and designed to bring out the best of your companion.

Tricks Class

Wish your dog could tidy their toys away or wipe their feet after a muddy walk? If so, tricks with a purpose is the perfect class for you.

Scent Class
Can your dog find your missing keys or even a person!? Why not find out with out fun and rewarding introduction to scent work class.