Scent Class




Add some fun and rewarding enrichment into your dogs life with our introduction to scent work class . Our trainers can help guide you and your dog through a range of scenting activities that are rewarding for everyone!

Why Scent work?

Around 40% of your dogs brain is dedicated to scenting and has many uses in daily life. Encouraging your dogs to scent provides lots of benefits:

  • Build confidence teaching your dog’s how to comfortably engage with their environment
  • Improve your dogs focus by directing their energy onto something positive
  • Strengthens communication skills with interactive scent games
  • Mentally tiring for those dogs who could use a bit more calmness in life.
  • Impress friends and family with a variety of scenting tricks!

What you will learn:

  • Find My Keys! – Novel scent searching for household items you might misplace
  • Mantrailing – An introduction on how to get your dog to seek out a missing person¬†
  • Scent at Home – Try out some scent games to bring into everyday life
  • Your Dogs Nose- Learn about what scenting your dog enjoys and how to use it to your advantage when training

Each course runs over 4 weeks with multiple skills to try and accomplish!

We allow a max of 6 dogs per class so you can get all the individual coaching you need whilst still gaining the experience of working in a group setting.

These progressive classes are tailored according to each dogs individual ability. Lessons are 1hour long with breaks between exercises to assure your dog stays happy and relaxed during the session.

Classes are suitable for dogs at all stages of their lives, 4months +

Classes are held at Doune Ponds on Sunday afternoons.

*If you would like to request a payment plan please contact us*

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