Scent Club




Our scent work club provides a supportive and enriching environment for dogs and their owners to participate in fun activities, find likeminded enthusiasts, and unleash their dog’s natural scent detection abilities.

What to expect:

Monthly Session– Training sessions where members can bring their dogs to learn, practice, and develop scent detection skills, including tracking, searching for hidden objects, and identifying specific scents.

Field Trips-
Expand your dogs searching abilities in various real-world settings, as we explore different locations and put your dogs search skills to the test.

Bonding Time– Strengthen the bond with your canine companion as you work together to conquer scent challenges. Enjoy quality time with your dog while building trust and communication through positive reinforcement and teamwork.

Community and Support- Being part of a scent work club offers dog owners the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for scent detection. Members can exchange tips, share resources, and provide support to one another on their scent work journey.

Scent work club is suitable to dogs of all skill levels who have completed our scent class workshop.


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